Location: Van Abbemuseum: Library

Ria van Eyk, Iceland Books

Created with the Colours of Vulcanic Soil

Artist: Ria van Eyk

The oeuvre of Ria van Eyk (Venlo, 1938) consists of tapestries, paintings, drawings and commissioned works. She is one of the major pioneers engaged in liberating textile art, especially through her monumental use of textiles in architecture.

Her most well-known commission is the Hemeltapijt (Sky Carpet) in the Reception Room of the Royal Palace,  Amsterdam (1996-1999).

In the late nineteen fifties, having graduated from Eindhoven’s Academy of Industrial Design, she applied herself to ‘systematic’ art, in which colour, line and form refer to themselves as a result of an uncompromising system. Even her paintings are distinguished by the fact they can be explained by systematics and its consequences, in the form of a field of tension between pure form and personal concept. The library display Iceland Books: Created with the Colours of Volcanic Soil is a series of recent work inspired by her many travels to Iceland. However, it is not the mystical and romantic Iceland that is shown, but an Iceland interpreted into a personal texture by someone who knows the country.

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