Location: YourSpace (Kanaalstraat 8, Eindhoven)
Opening: Saturday, 18 October 2008 16:00



Curators: Clare Butcher, Freek Lomme

Houseproud is a collaborative exhibition inspired by the everyday design of residential windows in Eindhoven.

Closed or open, spare or decorative, windows are used by families as a display which projects their personal identity. Houseproud seeks to draw attention to this art of domestic decoration as well as spark a meaningful cross-disciplinary conversation between designers and Eindhoven residents.

Approximately 20 families will be matched with 20 designers. Together they will collaborate on new window designs, incorporating the core values of the residents while looking at larger ideas of the suburban interaction between private and public and the role of design in a social environment.

Your-space will serve as a gathering point for the route along the private houses. In your-space, a video will be screened displaying the becoming of the project.

opening hours: open at kanaalstraat 8 between 13:00 and 22:00

Entrance: Free of charge!


The project is in collaboration with Your-Space (Van Abbemuseum) and the City of Eindhoven.

Houseproud is an initiative by Saron Paz, Winnie Kwok, Sonja Baumel, Clare Butcher and Rachel Griffin and is being supported by Freek Lomme, coördinator of your-space.

Made possible in part by

City of Eindhoven

Houseproud - your-space is part of: your-space

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