Praneet Soi-Bird-2008
Praneet Soi, Bird, 2008


Location: Van Abbemuseum: Het Oog (The Eye)
Opening: Saturday, 28 February 2009 17:33

Praneet Soi

Het Oog (The Eye)

Het Oog (The Eye) is a new place in the Van Abbemuseum that offers artists a six-month work period. The first episode in the series of Het Oog started on 28 February with Amsterdam based artist Praneet Soi (Calcutta, 1971). He worked for six months in The Eye on a series of murals and a new installation.

From 28th February 2009, Amsterdam based artist Praneet Soi (Calcutta, 1971) occupied The Eye for a six month working period where he worked on a new series of murals, accompanied with five sculptures in and around The Eye. During this period the viewer could literally see the work being created and evolved. This presence gives both artist and viewer the possibility to witness a research of the source, its use, the processes and the results of images that are put on display.

In a time where we are inevitably confronted with images of conflict from all over the globe, Soi asks himself how the human figure is represented in contemporary image culture. In our time, where the use of age-old image conventions is appropriated in professional image production, what happens when this very figure is ripped apart and an attempt is made to reconstruct it in another way?

The sculptures “Birds” complement the murals and make it into a spatial installation. Walking through the minefield that consists of  these ‘Birds’ makes us not only think about (art)historical references, like modernist sculpture, but also makes us realise our own position in time and geography. It is clear that we ourselves are not in the places where the the images used by Soi have their source. Although the mines are clearly an abstraction, you might for a second think that they are real. However, we know where we are and just that comfortably creates the sense that we are safe, here and now.

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