Lissitzky - Kabakov: educational activities

The Van Abbemuseum offers a broad range of educational activities during the Lissitzky – Kabakov exhibition.

> Radically Yours
A special edition of Radically Yours is available in the museum and online. This edition is also your exhibition guide.

> Website l-k.vanabbe.nl
You can discover the special mobile website at home on the computer, in the museum with your own smartphone or by means of the available iPads. You’ll be introduced to the Soviet era and can choose your own way in via different speakers. We invite our visitors to add stories to this archive with their own experiences and anecdotes.
When you visit the exhibition, do not forget to take your smartphone or tablet (with earplugs).

> Cicerones and hosts
Our cicerones and hosts are happy to answer all your question about the exhibition and show you around.  From Tuesday to Saturday at 12:30 and 14:30 and on Sunday at 14:30 cicerones provides free introductions and gives a free tour on Sunday at 12:00.

> Special encounters
Former Soviet citizens have cooperated in the educational activities of this exhibiton. They work with the museum for tours, workshops and the introductions for the filmprogram with EYE Amsterdam.

> Workshops Connecting
During the exhibiton there will be several small, free workshops by the artists of Connecting and our cicerones. Check our website, Facebookpage and aks our museumstaff for the latest updates.

> Course Utopia and Reality (January and February, on Saturday, in Dutch)
Four meetings will explain the (seemingly) opposing ideas of Lissitzky and Kabakov. Click here for more information and registration.

> Filmprogram
The Van Abbemuseum offers a filmprogram in cooperation with EYE Amsterdam. The screening of Sovjetfilms starts in January, on Sundays from 14:30-16:00 . Nine films will be screened (Dutch subtitles).
Admission: €5,-.
Click here for the complete filmprogramme.

> Catalogue
There is a detailed exhibition catalogue available in Dutch and English. A rich publication filled with an in-depth article by the Kabakov experts, Professors Boris Groys and Robert Storr, an imaginary interview with Lissitzky by Professor John Milner (an expert in avant garde Russian art) and an interview with Ilya and Emilia Kabakov by the Russian artist and publicist Anton Vidokle. All the works in the exhibition are shown in colour, arranged in accordance with the themes in the exhibition. Finally, the book contains an illustrated image biography of the artists. This cassette is also available in our webshop.



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