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Lee Lozano


Artist: Lee Lozano

A publication for the exhibition lee lozano – WIN FIRST DONT LAST WIN LAST DONT CARE: 08/10/2006 - 07/01/2007 Van Abbemuseum, 15/06/ - 27/08/2006 Kunsthalle Basel, has been published by Schwabe ag, in cooperation with the kunsthalle Basel and the Van Abbemuseum, with special thanks to the Luma foundation.

This richly illustrated work is an extension of the exhibition, but can also be seen as a separate statement on the work and life of Lee Lozano. The many illustrations and insightful descriptions give an insight in her life as an artist and her works.

Lee Lozano - Win first don't last win last don't care
Authors: Adam Szymczyk, Todd Alden, David Askevold, Jill Johnston,  Helen Molesworth
Van Abbemuseum 2006
ISBN 10: 3-7965-2243-7 
Text: English and German
Design: Robert Johnston, Glasgow
Publisher: Schawbe AG, Basel
208 pages, illustrated, paperback
Price: €40,00

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