Jean-Michel Crapanzano
Jean-Michel Crapanzano

research project

Location: Van Abbemuseum: Auditorium, YourSpace (Kanaalstraat 8, Eindhoven)
Opening: Friday, 30 October 2009 15:30

Invisible empire : undefined spaces


Curator: Freek Lomme

The term “No man’s land” is generally accepted as an unlimited combat area in between two enemy trenches. It is a space that neither side openly wishes to occupy or take control of due to the fear of being attacked in the process. It is also a term for unoccupied land or more specifically, an area that is under dispute between parties and abandoned due to fear or uncertainty.

Metaphorically, the concept of “no man’s land” allows us to explore the perception of this ominous and obtuse phrase.

“Invisible empire : undefined spaces” is a project that inquires into this narrow mental process while questioning governing traditions that structure citizens, lifestyles and beliefs.


- Brian Balderston (New-York)
- Chad Stayrook –Jose Ruiz / Bandwagon team (New-York)
- Rachel Wilberforce (London)
- Yasmeen Al Awadi (London)
- Julia Boix-Vives (France / Netherland)
- Karin van Pinxteren 
- Rose Lejeune (Curator, London)
- Clare Sheppeard (Curator London)


October 30th, 15:30, auditorium Van Abbemuseum.

Special events

Friday 30 October: conference Jean-Michel Crapanzano Van Abbe auditorium : introduction, presentation of work / concept of the project. “Zapping” presentation as exemple of collaborative project, video projection.

Tuesday 3-Wednesday 4 : video projection Jean-Michel Crapanzano. The artist’s team will also present video projection at the museum, spontanaously, during the workshop ( 30th October -13th November). 

Sunday 8 November: interview Yasmeen Al Awadi + Chad Stayrook+ Brian Balderston , Van Abbe auditorium : presentation of their work, introduction, discussions.

Wednesday 11th November, 14.00 : meeting Rachel Wilberforce, Brian Balderston, Chad Stayrook, Julia Boix-Vives, Karin van Pinxteren at Your-space : discussions, exchanges.

Friday 13 November:  last brainstorming,  Rose Lejeune + Rachel Wilberforce + Jm Crapanzano , Your space : conclusion, presentation of the work made during the residency.

Invisible empire : undefined spaces - your-space is part of: your-space

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