Sources in the Air - Guest Tours

A series of 'expert' tours from various disciplines including theatre, architecture and psychology will run throughout the exhibition adressing the themes of getting lost, orientation and speculation.

Sunday 18 november - 14.00
Dirk Osinga (architect) 
Dutch architect Dirk Osinga (1977) is a travelling designer, researcher and civil engineer. So far he has worked at several critically acclaimed architecture offices in the Netherlands and the US. Recently he researched ‘transitional housing’ in three different Asian countries for the Red Cross. His goal is to combine design with research.


Sunday  9 december - 14.00
Anne Diepenbrock (psychologist)
Anne Diepenbrock (1984) has a broad background, with a start in communication and design, continuing to the art academy. Currently she works as a certified psychologist and did particular research into group dynamics. As a Game Master at Play Van Abbe  she gained experience with giving guidance to the museum visit, by taking visitors in to a role playing game.


Sunday 27 januari - 14.00
Gerrie Fiers/Yvonne van Beukering (Theater Afslag Eindhoven )
Theatre ensemble Afslag Eindhoven makes visual theater, which seeks the confrontation and anxiety, interspersed with humor and beauty. Gerrie Fiers and Yvonne van Beukering, both artistic leader, touch upon the same theme within their theatre pieces; the revealing of human behavior, man as a small part in a greater whole. 


Admission: €5,- 

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