Jonathan Monk

  • Schifferli, C; Tedder, G; Platzker, D
  • Taal: en
  • Impressum: Zurich : Archiv, 2016
  • Collatie: Kluis; 28 p ill
  • Kunstenaar(s): Monk, Jonathan; LeWitt, Sol
  • Locatie: MONK, JONATHAN
  • VUBIS: 99418
  • Annotatie: Kunstenaarsboek. - Oplage en afmetingen: 400 ; 21,5 x 20 cm

Beschrijving Jonathan Monk

Tent. Zurich, Archiv, 00-00-2015. - Kunstenaarsuitgave van de Britse kunstenaar over het verzamelen en tentoonstellen van kunstenaarsboeken van de Amerikaanse kunstenaar Sol LeWitt : "I have been collecting Sol Lewitt books for some time now - initially these books were used as material for a series of animations but slowly I started buying them just to complete a collection. The search for the white spine. Sol's books are predominately white and when going through the shelves of book dealers I always pull out the white books with hope ... repetition and repeat is a constant - I often acquire the same book twice or even three times ... they all look the same. In 2005 I produced a book called Cover Version - it featured all the covers of my Sol Lewitt books - a kind af what's my library compendium. For this new piece I have fabricated an abstract version of Cover Version. The books were laid out as if on a small table top - each book carefully measured ... height, width and thickness ... Certain book sellers use a similar display technique. This was then transformed into five medium density fibre board wall mounted relief panels. Expertly cut and routed (not by me) to follow the forms given by Mr Lewitt and his publication. The painted and sanded surface made by the fabricator has been left to give the appropriate patina to the entire piece. Books are there to be handled and not just bought and sold.» Jonathan Monk, 2015