your museum hosts

Your museum hosts

Our staff at the reception desk are there to welcome you at the entrance. After obtaining your ticket at the ticket counter you can go to the information desk for any practical questions. 

You will see our hosts and hostesses in the museum, whom you can recognize by their red shirts. They will be pleased to talk to you and help you find your way through the galleries.

At the Van Abbemuseum we like a good conversation. An interesting exchange generally begins with a simple question or comment, which opens the way to further exploration of the topic. So do not hesitate to approach one of our staff for a chat; we would love to talk to you. 

The cicerone

Would you like to get more detailed information, for example on specific works of art, on the background to an exhibition or on the museum’s remarkable architecture? Then the cicerone is who you are looking for. You can recognize this museum guide by a badge with a question mark. The cicerone is trained, highly knowledgeable, and will be glad to spend some time talking to you.

‘Cicerone’ comes from an Italianized version of the name Cicero, the famous orator of Roman times. The 19th century German art historian titled one of his books Der Cicerone – Eine Anleitung zum Genuss der Kunstwerke Italiens. This cultural travel guide to Italy, published in 1855, helped establish cicerone as a word for someone who can speak eloquently and knowledgeably about the history of art and culture.