press releases 2016

Victor Goppe: Making Books
Press release 12.12.2016
Press photos: see mediabank

Positions #3: Rossella Biscotti, Duncan Campbell, Maryam Jafri, Natasja Kensmil
Press release 16.11.2016. Biographies of the artists.
Press photo's: see mediabank

GLOW Special: A Place Beyond Belief
Press release 28.10.16
Detailed project descriptions
Press photos: see mediabank

DDW: Broken White with Design Academy Eindhoven
Press release
Press photos: see mediabank

RED! Utopian Visions from the Soviet Union 1930-1941
Press release 22.04.2016
Press photos: see mediabank

The 1980's. Today's Beginnings?
Press release - new presentations 31.05.2016
Press release 02.03.2016
Press photos: see mediabank

Public Programme Positions #2
Press release 29.01.2015
Press photos: see mediabank

Who Owns The Street?
Press release 29.01.2015
Press photos: see mediabank

Anna Staritsky, 1908-1981. 
Works on paper
Press release 14.01.2016
Press photos: see mediabank

Praneet Soi - Srinagar
Press release 13.01.2016
Press photos: see mediabank

Theodora Niemeijer Prize 2016
Press release 11.01.2016
Press photos: mediabank

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