grants and sponsors

The museum receives structural and project-based support from:

BankGiro Loterij

Since 2007 the Van Abbemuseum is a BankGiro Loterij beneficiary and one of the cultural institutions that is supported by the BankGiro Loterij. The contribution which the museum receives, is used for the collection and for enhancing participation of the public. In 2014 an extra contribution was granted for the Special Guests programme.

VSB Fund

The VSBfonds tries to enhance he quality of Dutch society and supports the Van Abbemuseum projects that contribute to this goal.


Ammodo supports art projects that can contribute to the development or appreciation of art by their quality and innovatory or exceptional kind. Ammodo is mostly active within the field of performing arts and fine arts. The organisation supported and supports the development of several exhibitions at the Van Abbemuseum.

Stichting Promotors

Stichting Promotors Van Abbemuseum is a dedicated group of businesses and individuals that gives financial support to the museum for its major acquisitions.

Mondriaan Fund

The Mondriaan Fund supports exhibitions and public programming at the Van Abbemuseum.

Fonds 21

Fonds 21 supports projectsand initiatives for Art & Culture and Youth & Society. This way they want to enrich the Dutch society.  Within Art & Culture Fonds 21 supports initiatives of professional art institutions to reach a bigger or different audience. They also pay attention to special projects and experiments for a smaller audience and are open to education projects.

European Union

The European Union has awarded 2.5 million euros to the confederation L’Internationale for a five-year programme leading to a long-term, sustainable new model for public museums in Europe. This grant confirms the value and significance of the L’Internationale network within the museum field. It will facilitate its development as a new form of cultural confederation where collections, artistic research, technology and public access can be shared across member institutions. 


The Friends association of the Van Abbemuseum was founded in 1994 by a group of art lovers. The purpose of the Friends is to increase awareness of the the museums and to involve the public more actively. The association wants to make contemporary art more accessible, lowering the threshold of the Van Abbemuseum. The Friends have special programmes for their ‘Classic Friends’, expats and young Friends, the YoungArtCrowd.