The Niemeijer Fund

About The Niemeijer Fund

The Niemeijer Fund is named after its founder Theodora Niemeijer (Groningen 1912 – Laren 2004), daughter of the well-known tobacco manufacturer Niemeijer in Groningen. She was a remarkable personality with a great passion for the visual arts. In 1996 Theodora Niemeijer founded her own foundation which aim is to encourage emerging artists. From the return of its assets, the foundation annually donates to various artists, from musicians to visual artists, and to various initiatives in the field of art, culture and society. In 2021 the Niemeijer Fund celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Theodora Niemeijer prize

The Niemeijer Fund and the Van Abbemuseum together organize the Theodora Niemeijer prize: an award for emerging female artists living or working in the Netherlands. Introduced in 2012, the prize aims to contribute to the development of emerging talent and the creation of equal opportunities between male and female artists in the art world. The Theodora Niemeijer prize is the only Dutch prize for visual arts specifically dedicated to female artists. The prize, with a worth of € 10.000, is awarded once every two years to an artist who submits the best project proposal for The Eye, an oval shaped patio in the Van Abbemuseum. Aside from a cash prize, the winner will also have the opportunity to present her project to the public. The artists who come in second and third place will receive a check for € 2,500 and € 1,500 respectively.

[Translate to Engels:] Silvia Martes, winnaar Theodora Niemeijer Prijs 2021. Foto: Ilse van Loon


The winners of the past five editions are Silvia Martes (2021), Josefin Arnell (2018), Sissel Marie Tonn (2016), Sachi Miyachi (2014) and Sarah van Sonsbeeck (2012).

New step

After five editions, it is time for a new step and the Theodora Niemeijer Prize will take on a different shape in 2023. From then on, the prize will focus on female artists who are further on their way in their careers. The winning artist will receive a cash prize which she gets to spend as she wishes. Starting artists can still contact the Niemeijer Fund for regular applications.