Extra contribution of almost €800,000 VriendenLoterij

In February 2020, it was announced that, in addition to a contribution of over €221,000, the Van Abbemuseum will also receive an extra donation of €798,500 for the multi-sensory design that is installed in multiple rooms in the museum. This way, even more people will feel at home in the museum. In total, the Van Abbemuseum receives €1,020,431.


During the Goed Geld Gala of the VriendenLoterij, director of the Van Abbemuseum Charles Esche was surprised with the extra contribution of €798,500 for making the museum all-inclusive. With this donation, the museum was able to open the inclusive and multi-sensory collection display Delinking and Relinking in 2021. This exhibition is multi-voiced and let’s every visitor encounter their "own voice" during their visit.
Charles Esche: "The Van Abbemuseum wants to be a museum where everyone feels welcome, whatever their background. A place where different people have the space to share their unique perspective."

Tactile painting of Picasso in Delinking and Relinking. Photo: Joep JacobsTactile painting of Picasso in Delinking and Relinking. Photo: Joep Jacobs

Delinking and Relinking

With over 25 multi-sensory tools, including texts in Braille, scent interpretations, tactile drawings and soundscapes, Delinking and Relinking represents the first, fully multi-sensory collection display in the Netherlands. Besides enriching the museum experience for everyone, the exhibition is accessible to a wide audience, including visually or hearing-impaired visitors and wheelchair users.