Contained Reality and Hidden Pressure

  • 1979
  • Stephen Willats
  • black-and-white photograph, gouache, paint, letraset on paper
  • (3x): 145,5 x 87,8 x 3,4 cm (incl. lijst / frame)
  • Location VAM, B2, 04, 00
  • Acquired in 1981
  • Inventory number 933

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Description Contained Reality and Hidden Pressure

In 'Contained Reality and Hidden Pressure' Stephen Willats investigates social housing policy in Eindhoven in the late 1970s. An apartment building caretaker in the Woensel district would like to know why he is responsible for the upkeep of the various tenants’ physical environment, surprised by their lackadaisical attitude: ‘I just call the caretaker and he fixes it.’ The caretaker says, ‘Some of them don’t even own a screwdriver’. Willats is interested in the notion of self-made reality, believes everyone creates their own point of view to live in.