Zonder titel

  • 1976
  • René Daniëls
  • ink on paper
  • 169,1 x 197,8 x 6 cm (incl. lijst)
  • Location not on view.
  • Acquired in 1993
  • Inventory number 2021

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This ink drawing is made up of short strokes in different directions. Spatial shapes appear to be formed where the strokes intersect. Slightly to the right of centre you might spot the shape of a house.

This early work by René Daniëls is associated with formal, fundamental art, where the emphasis is on the process of drawing or painting. Here, the artist examines the workings of expressive devices such as line, direction, rhythm and material, often in series. An explanation or deeper meaning is irrelevant. In his work Daniëls plays around with ideas about abstraction and recognizability, shape and meaning. His work literally and figuratively lacks sufficient linearity for it to be categorized as fundamental art. Rather than being subject to a rigid system, the brush strokes provide scope for associations in all directions. During his academy days (1972-1976) Daniëls had already showed an interest in artists who considered the subject to be important. After his graduation, figuration would play an increasingly significant part in his work.


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