My neck, my back curve silently

  • 1993
  • Karin Arink
  • paraffin wax, clay
  • 40,5 x 73 x 62,5 cm
  • Location not on view.
  • Acquired in 1994
  • Inventory number 2064

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The title of this work leads us to view this sculpture as a curved human torso, but when you examine the details, all kinds of questions arise. On the inside of the curve you can see two round shapes resembling buttocks. On the outside, between what may be stumps of arms, you can make out a spine. It is difficult to determine whether the figure is stretching or hunched up. The curled up shape is also reminiscent of a larva or a grub; the stage in which an insect prepares for a new phase in life.

Karin Arink is interested in things where opposing forces come together. Things like metamorphoses and hermaphrodites, mechanisms or accidents of nature that entail a striking change of shape. Her images are about strength and vulnerability, about the ability to create and powerlessness; concepts that may seem opposite, but which come together here. The form, which is both incomplete and open to multiple interpretations, holds within itself the potential for growth and change.


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