B 42300010 =35= =45x46=

  • 1974
  • André Cadere
  • enamel paint on wood
  • 179 cm x ø 3,3 cm
  • Location not on view.
  • Acquired in 2002
  • Inventory number 2657

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In the 1970s Cadere first appeared as an ambulatory exhibition in cities like Paris and New York, carrying a multicolored stick over his shoulder. He left his sticks (barres de bois rond) behind in restaurants or the metro and, unsolicited, in galleries and museums. He wasn’t interested in the way people reacted to them. “I don’t collect the feelings of the public.” His sole aim was to show his work at as many different locations as possible. Each of Cadere’s sticks is made up of wooden cylinders painted in different colors. He arranged them in an ‘arithmetical progression’ of color combinations, each time introducing a deliberate error. For example, the first sequence – black, yellow, white, blue – on the longest stick should have been followed by the sequence yellow, black, white, and blue.

[exhibition text 2017]

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