Artist at Work

  • 1978
  • Mladen Stilinovic
  • black-and-white photograph
  • (8x) 23,8 x 30,3 cm
    (8x V) 23,5 x 30,2 cm
  • Location VAM, B2, 05, 00
  • Acquired in 2008
  • Inventory number 2941

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Description Artist at Work

Mladen Stilinovic has created a number of works about the position of the artist in society. This series of eight photos documents his performance in a Zagreb gallery in 1978. He grew up in Socialist Yugoslavia where physical labour was highly valued and artists were craftsmen who worked for the state. Anyone who criticized this positioning would not be able to show work and would be considered lazy. Stilinovic’s action and the photos documenting it could be considered an ironic provocation of the ideology at work. Here, he presents laziness as the engine and origin of ideas and reflection.