Rood-blauwe stoel

  • (1918) reconstructie 1956
  • Gerrit Rietveld
  • painted wood
  • 87,5 x 66,5 x 82 cm
  • Location VAM, B2, 04, 00
  • Acquired in 1960
  • Inventory number 402

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Description Rood-blauwe stoel

For the 'Red and Blue Chair', Rietveld dissected the armchair and reduced it to its most fundamental form. In his text “De stoel,” he asks himself why many everyday objects have a generally accepted form, while the chair is still being produced in so many different shapes. As Rietveld said, “that chair consisting of two planks and a number of slats was made to prove that you can produce something beautiful using sleek, purely machine-made materials”.

- Exhibition text 'The Way Beyond Art' 2017 -