The Tower: A Songspiel

  • 2010
  • Chto Delat
  • video (colour, sound), duration 36:51 min.
  • duur / duration 36:51 min.
  • Location VAM, B2, 02, 00
  • Acquired in 2012
  • Inventory number 3060

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Description The Tower: A Songspiel

Russian art collective Chto Delat chose musical theatre for this socially engaged story. 'The Tower: A Songspiel' is based on a conflict that arose around the plans for the Okhta Centre in Saint Petersburg. The 403 m skyscraper was to house gas company Gazprom’s headquarters. Despite protests from residents of the UNESCO-listed city, Gazprom obtained all required permits. The skyscraper was promoted by authorities as a symbol of a new, modern Russia. The video shows how such symbols are created and what methods the authorities use to execute their plans.