Compass 3 Paintings after 1945 from New York

  • Van: 09-11-67 tot: 17-12-67

Groepstentoonstelling - Opening : R.C. Voth (cultureel attaché Amerikaanse ambassade). - Inleiding : J. Leering. - Diaprogramma en films o.a. 'Art Scenes' en 'Black trip' van A. Tambellini - Met documentatie

Because of the sizes of the paintings the selection had to be restricted to 70 works. Each artist was presented with about three works, which resulted in a selection of 23 artists. The exhibition showed the results of the American liberation of the European influences and movements, from which heroic artists like De Kooning, Pollock and Newman liberated themselves with their autonomous works. Not only abstract-expressionism, but pop-art was included in this exhibition as well. The exhibition supported the statement that the Americans were the real inventors of new styles and movements.