El Lissitzky

  • Van: 03-12-65 tot: 16-01-66

Solotentoonstelling - Curator: Jean Leering (directeur Van Abbemuseum). - Inleiding : J. Leering ; dr. H. Richter - Opmerkingen: Reizende tentoonstelling : Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum ; Kunsthalle Basel, Basel ; Kestner-Gesellschaft, Hannover. - Inv.nr. 156 bevat tevens correspondentie tussen J. Leering en S. Lissitzky-Küppers - Met documentatie

Rediscovering of Russian Constructivist; the exhibition was made by the Van Abbemuseum and travelled to Kunsthalle Basel, Basel, Kestner-Gesellschaft, Hannover. This exhibition showed Lissitzky and his broad development of artistic expressions that took the form of paintings, drawings, architecture, typography, stage designs.These objects were accompanied by many archival objects such as sketches, letters and other correspondence. It was quite hard to compose this overview of Lissitzky's oeuvre, since many of his works were either destroyed or hidden during the second World War. This exhibition was the result of a long period of research to all of the lost documents and objects, and could be seen as a rediscovering of Lissitzky as Russian Constructivist. In 1964 Lissitzky, accompanied by other Russian Constructivists, was already put on display in the exhibition Visual Experiments on Stage, an exhibition about the mayor influence and the importance of visual artists for the renewal of 20th century theater (Janna E. Adriaanse, 2015)