The Autonomy Project

  • Summer School
  • Van: 28-06-10 tot: 02-07-10

Locatie: Studio en Onomatopee (Bleekstraat 23, Eindhoven). - Coördinatie: S. ten Thije (gastconservator), C. Butcher (gastconservator), F. Lomme (directeur Onomatopee)

The Autonomy Project is an international collaboration between art, education, research institutes and organisations, practitioners and thinkers. The project began in 2010 and seeks to redefine and redress the issues around autonomy in the fields of art, design, theory and culture policy today. From a multi faceted geographic and political context, the project will facilitate a number of events, exhibitions and publications in an ongoing discussion, which brings the notion and practice of autonomy back into debate