Akademie X

  • Abramovic, M; Bruguera, T; Wodiczko, K
  • Language: en
  • Impressum: London [etc.] : Phaidon Press Limited, 2015
  • Binding: Boek; 352 p ill
  • Artist(s): Abramovic, Marina; Bruguera, Tania; Wodiczko, Krzysztof
  • ISBN/ISSN: 9780714867366
  • VUBIS: 95566
  • Annotation: Met lijst werken. - Met bio- en bibliografie

Description Akademie X

Praktische gids voor het opzetten van een artistieke loopbaan met adviezen van gerenommeerde kunstenaars en kunstcritici. - Assembled from the wisdom of 36 legendary art teachers - all of them artists or critics at the top of their field - Akademie X: Lessons in Art + Life is an ideal curriculum for the aspiring artist. Each of the book's "tutors" has provided a unique lesson that aims to provoke, inspire and stimulate the aspiring artist. These lessons cover some combination of the following: technical advice, assignments, principles of careful looking, advice on the daily practice of art , career pointers, and personal anecdotes. Taken together, these lessons offer the reader a set of tools for thinking, seeing and living as an artist. Not only is Akademie X: Lessons in Art + Life the first illustrated text book of its kind for artists, but it will also appeal to anyone interested in contemporary art, providing first hand revelations into the philosophies and techniques of some of the world's best artists and writers.