The Van Abbemuseum choir

The Van Abbemuseum Choir was founded in January 2013 by the current conductor, Willy de Rooij, The choir is made up of volunteers who work at the museum as hosts and hostesses, but singers who embrace this unique combination of art and music are also very welcome to join our choir.

The choir aims to get closer to art through singing and, as through reading about art, to reach a deeper understanding. An added bonus of singing is that others can hear it! Our performances are intended to reach and involve a large audience, both within and outside the museum.

Curious about our projects? Visit our projects page for a short overview. 

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Musical tour
Sunday 8 September
Van Abbemuseum

UR Art Festival
Saturday 21 September
Van Abbemuseum

Willy de Rooij, conductor of the Van Abbemuseum choir.Willy de Rooij, conductor of the Van Abbemuseum choir.


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