Call for Art

Every day the Van Abbemuseum opens its doors, the artwork Call for Art sounds from the tower above the entrance to the museum at 11 a.m. It is a call to visit the museum, as churches ring their bells to announce that mass is about to happen, or believers are called from a minaret for prayer. The text therefore is very straightforward: Come, people come! in the three languages that were most spoken in Eindhoven at the time of realization: Dutch, English and Turkish. The idea belonged to Doreen Westphal. She approached Willy de Rooij, who gave Call for Art its form.
Especially for the U R ART Festival, on September 21, 2019, the call was translated into the other seven languages of our European smARTplaces partners. During that festival, the choir performed the work in these seven languages.

Cindy Moorman and theWe

Not actually our project, but Cindy Moorman's. We have appeared several times in her performances. And for the celebration of our 5th anniversary, she wrote a composition for us. Now we would like to offer a stage for a project of hers: theWe. She herself writes about this:

'Welcome to, a digital space where we can come together. The We is where we have something in common. Within this space We unite through something we all share: our voice. By turning the voice into a portal to collectivity, it aims to create a place where we can connect with the We by listening and participating. opened its doors on October 2, 2020, with 22 singers from the Van Abbemuseum choir as the first participants. In the lower right corner you will see the current number of participants in the chord. Click on participate to join them, drag a white dot into the orange field and become part of the We by adding your own voice to the chord.'

Musical Tour

Once every two months, the choir performs on a Sunday afternoon during a guided tour for visitors. An expert museum guide explains artworks in exhibition and the choir responds to the discussed works with an appropriate song. Image, music and text thus coincide.Our latest Musical Tour, with the theme Women and Freedom, took place on March 8, 2020, International Women's Day. When the next Musical Tour takes place, you can see in the Program overview of the museum.

In addition to the regular tours, it is also possible to book a Musical Tour. So far we have done this at birthday parties and for schools and companies.

Due to the restrictions imposed on us and the museum by the corona measures, unfortunately no Musical Tours can take place for the time being. It is also not possible to book a tour now.

The Van Abbemuseum Choir invites...

The tower in the new building of the museum appears to be made for the Van Abbemuseum Choir. Several times a year the choir gives a performance here to which special guests are invited. The exhibition that can be seen in the tower partly determines the form and content of the concert.

 Due to the restrictions imposed on us and the museum by the corona measures, we are not currently preparing a new series of concerts.

Singing Manifestations

During the exhibition Who Owns the Street? (2016-19) we performed in the tower with musicians and singers with an asylum seeker background. Their intense sounds made Jan Rothuizen's Refugee Republic, about daily life in a refugee camp, even more poignant. For each Singing Manifestation, a fellow choir from the region was invited to provide part of the concert. An overview of the choirs and soloists who participated can be found on our Archive page.

Sound Manifestations

From April 2019 to March 2020, Woensel Supertoll!, an installation by Tijs Rooijakkers, was to be seen in the tower. During this exhibition, the choir held a series of three Sound Manifestations, which were co-designed by artist Hella Hertogs and soprano Rianne Wilbers. More information can be found on our Archive page.