family offers

The Van Abbemuseum also offers all kinds of activities for the whole family. Take a look below to see all different options we have to offer.

Theatrical guided tour The Collection Now

Miraculous things are about to happen during the theatrical guided tour through our exhibit De collectie nu (The Collection Now). A forgotten and dusty painting breaks out of its frame to begin to explore the new Van Abbe. It is a portrait of the eccentric H.H van Abbe, a distant relative of Henri van Abbe, looking for a special spot on the museum walls. During its journey it discovers a whole new world of artwork. Indescribable shapes, surprising colours and images. Everything tells the painting a different story, where there is also room for hi ha laughing...

The guided tour is intended for the whole family. After its premiere on sunday the 30th of March, the theatrical guided tour returns twice a month, every first and last sunday.

In partnership with TICwerk theater in context - Ingrid and Mirjam Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Actresses: Nahrea Goossens and Sanne Nagtzaam.

Dates and reservations          

The next theatrical tour in English will be on the 25th of October at 11:30. Make your reservation here.

On the programme page you can find the dates of the theatrical tours and reserve through the special form. Costs are €3,- per person. Children under 5 years join for free. The theatrical guided tour is also available to schoolclasses and children's birthdayparties. For more information about reservations:

Little Bug Kuso - Family activitybook

Hello! My name is Beetle Kuso. I live in the museum and I love doing magic. Every night I practice new spells and tricks. I make paintings dance and sculptures sing. But last night, something startling happened: I magically swirled myself upside down. There’s only one problem. I have forgotten the last words of the spell. And now I don’t know how to get back on my wheels. Will you help me to complete the spell? Waiting for you at the museum counter is a small suitcase filled with all that you need to find all the clues in the The collection now exhibition. 

Children's art club. Every child an artist

Are you between 6 and 10 years old? Do you enjoy looking at paintings, but mostly enjoy painting yourself? Come to the Van Abbemseum. The Children's art club is there every saturday afternoon between 14:00 and 16:00 hours. Every meeting of the Children's art club is guided by two museumteachers and the subject ia different every week. There is a group limit of 20 children, The costs are  € 6,- per child.     

Dates and reservations
On the programme page you will find the exact dates of the Children's art club. You can reserve a spot with the form. 

Voor more information you can call us on: +31 (0)40 238 10 42. We recommend reserving. During weekends please contact the counter through: +31 (0)40 238 10 97.