aphasia programme


Every human being uses language. Talking, searching for the right words, understanding, reading and even making gestures are part of our language. Aphasia is when as a result of brain injury one or more parts of the language spectrum no longer function properly. With the Spraakmakend Van Abbe tours, we offer interactive tours for people with aphasia.


The tours for people dealing with aphasia takes place every two months on Mondays from 1 tot 3 pm (subject to change). The tour is free, but a museum ticket is required. Check the calendar for upcoming tours here.


On request, the Spraakmakend Van Abbe tours can also be booked at other days and times. For more information, contact us via reserveringen@vanabbemuseum.nl or 040-238 10 42.

Tour guides Mijke en Jenneke. Photo: Marcel de BuckTour guides Mijke en Jenneke. Photo: Marcel de Buck

Mijke Ulrich and Jenneke Lambert

Mijke Ulrich, peer counselor and social worker, and art historian Jenneke Lambert together developed the Spraakmakend Van Abbe-tours. Participants will look at art together and are given the opportunity to express themselves without using language. With a focus is on a positive, creative and inspiring experience, Mijke describes the tour as ‘open your heart’. The visit ends with a group conversation and a cup of tea or coffee.


The projects for visitors dealing with aphasia are part of the Unlimited Van Abbe-programme. The Van Abbemuseum wants to be accessible to every curious visitor, whether you are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing. Even if you are bedridden, the museum will come to you. Unlimited Van Abbe comprises monthly recurring activities for various groups, guided tours and several adjustments that improve the museum's accessibility. It is made possible by members of the VriendenLoterij.


For questions regarding the Unlimited Van Abbe programme, please contact Vivian Heyms, Constituent organiser (vivian.heyms [at] vanabbemuseum.nl / +31 6 385 568 10) or Glenda Pattipeilohy, education and mediation (glenda.pattipeilohy [at]vanabbemuseum.nl / +31 6 3855 4992). For questions regarding reservations, contact the museum via reserveringen@vanabbemuseum.nl or 040-238 10 42.