Unlimited Van Abbe

Unlimited van Abbe: the programme where the main focus is on the visitor. The Van Abbemuseum is accessible for anyone who is curious, whether you are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing. Even if you are bedridden, the museum will come to you.

Experiencing the museum and the artworks with all senses is not only an additional value to groups with special needs, but also provides a special contribution to the museum experience of every visitor. 


Unlimited Van Abbe comprises monthly recurring activities for various groups, guided tours and several adjustments that improve the museum's accessibility. In addition, the Unlimited Van Abbe programme continues to develop and improve, always in close cooperation with the target and interest groups. Below you will find more information per Unlimited Van Abbe group:

Blind and partially sighted visitors
Deaf and hard of hearing visitors
Unforgettable: programme for visitors with Alzheimer's disease
Spraakmakend Van Abbe: for visitors with aphasia
Take a sensory break
Museum visit with robot


The exhibition Delinking and Relinking, on display from September 2021 to the end of 2024, is the first fully multi-sensory collection display in the Netherlands. With over 25 multi-sensory tools, including texts in Braille, scent interpretations, tactile drawings and soundscapes, Delinking and Relinking makes artworks accessible to a wide audience, including visually or hearing-impaired visitors and wheelchair users. 

Touch replica of Picasso in Delinking and Relinking. Photo: Joep Jacobs
Multi-sensory tour for blind and partially sighted visitors. Photo: Perry van DuijnhovenMulti-sensory tour for blind and partially sighted visitors. Photo: Perry van Duijnhoven


"I feel a strong affinity with this painting. It touches me, because I see myself in it." George Kabel is an artist and philosopher and became blind later in his life. He regularly joins the Unlimited Van Abbe tours. After the tour where the painting Untitled (Wroblewski) from 2005 by Wilhelm Sasnal was discussed, he wrote this letter (in Dutch).


For questions regarding the Unlimited Van Abbe programme, please contact Vivian Heyms, Constituent organiser (vivian.heyms [at] / +31 6 385 568 10) or Glenda Pattipeilohy, education and mediation (glenda.pattipeilohy [at] / +31 6 3855 4992). For questions regarding reservations, contact the museum via or 040-238 10 42.


Unlimited Van Abbe has its origins in the Special Guests project which was launched in 2014. It is made possible by members of the VriendenLoterij.