museum visit with robot

Robot makes it possible to visit the museum!

The Van Abbemuseum is accessible for people who cannot come to the museum due to  a physical disability. A robot will make it possible for them to experience the museum and the art from their own home. They can control the robot and guide it through the museum themselves.  There is always a guide accompanying the robot, who helps with the controls of the robot and who can also talk to the remote visitor. A guided tour with detailed information about the artworks is also possible. 

You can make a request to visit the museum with the robot through filling out the adjoining form.

What do you need?

To be able to use the robot, you need the following:

- A laptop or PC with a webcam and microphone, tablet or smartphone
- A stable Internet connection
- Keyboard or possibly a mouse or game controller
- A reservation for a specific time when you can log on
- Software to download to your computer, you get sent a link to the program after the booking is complete

How does it work?

Using the adjoining form you can reserve a visit with the robot. You will receive a link in the confirmation e-mail to download a small software program. You need this program to control the robot. At your reserved timeslot, you will see its status change to 'available' and you will be able to log on. It's self explanatory, but if you need help, feel free to contact: +31 (0)6 28793077. 

When you log on at  the reserved time, an attendant or tourguide from the museum will be ready to welcome you and help you with the controls. He or she will guide you through the galleries and answer your questions. The controls are easy to use and can be adjusted to the needs of the visitor. 

The Robot is made possible by:


Make a reservation for the robot

You can make a reservation for your visit of the museum by robot for one hour during regular opening hours. We charge € 13,- for an individual visit and € 70,- for a visit with a tourguide. These prices are similar to the regular museum prices. Discounts and museum cards to not aply to the use of the robot. Tours have to be booked two weeks in advance.

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Reserve the robot
You will receive an e-mail if the preferred date and time is available and otherwise an alternative date and time.
Items marked with a * are mandatory. After submitting your reservation you will be redirected to the payment page.


For more informations please contact Marleen Hartjes, coördinator Special Guests.


T: +31 6 28793077