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KUNSTBLOK is a travelling mobile workplace. For two years this workplace travels along the gardens of Vitalis Woonzorg Group. An artist in residence on location where artists are inspired by and with the people of the health institutions and make new work. Designer Tsjalke Bouwma started the project in 2015, when he lived and worked in Vitalis Wilgenhof in Eindhoven.

KUNSTBLOK is part of the Special Guests programme and of the Van Abbemuseum, and an initiative of Maaike Mul (coördinator Art and Culture Vitalis) and design office Volle Kracht. The project is made possible by participants of the BankGiro Loterij.

Collaboration Dutch sign choir and museum choir

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary a special performance was arranged for which the museum choir performed together with the Dutch sign language choir. During the celebration of this anniversary, the museum was continuously opened for 80 hours. After a speech of director Charles Esche this special choir formation closed the successful and inspiring anniversary weekend, followed by thunderous yet silent applause. 

Take a sensory break

A museum visit can be very tiring by the many impressions you get to process in a short time. This applies even more for people with autism, some disabilities or ilnesses for example, who handle stimuli in a differtent way and could have a lower energy level. For them a museum visit can be experienced as exhausting. In collaboration with Onbeperkt Genieten Foundation we have, therefore, started a pilot for a reduced sensory stimulated museum experience. Thereby we're meeting the specific needs of this very diverse group of visitors.

Making the museum accessible to everyone regardless of any restrictions and enrich together the experience of art and culture; that's where the Special Guests program of the Van Abbemuseum aspires. Powered by the BankGiro Lottery.