special guests app

Special Guests museum app at the hospital

In hospitals, patients and visitors spend a great deal of time waiting in different waiting rooms. Plenty of time to take a dive into the collection using a smartphone with the Special Guests app. The app was launched 11 November 2015 in collaboration with Radboudumc and INTK.

Twenty children aged 5-17 share their stories about webbes and gloves, a man from cement, stairs towards the blue sky and much more. They relate to art works from the collections of the Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven and Radboudumc in Nijmegen: from beautiful to modern, from enigmatic to moving. You don't have to be an art historian to listen to these young heroes talk about the different things they see happening in the art works. 

The Special Guests app is made possible by:

Collaboration Van Abbemuseum and Radboud UMC

This app is the result of a collaboration between Radboudumc and the Van Abbemuseum. Both organisations have opened their doors and invited children from the Amalia Childrens Hospital and several schools in Eindhoven to dive into their art collections. 

The app is part of the Special Guest programme that the Van Abbemuseum developed to make art more accessible for everybody who is curious. Outside the museum walls as well as in. Since the Radbouwumc wants to provide the same, the two organisations started a unique collaboration. The result is that the art both are collecting, can come to you, even if you're at the Radboudumc. The Special Guests programme is made possible in part by participants of the BankGiroLoterij.