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Workshop - Create an exhibition

"There’s no business like show business."
Irving Berlin

"Not everyone is able to create an exhibition in a museum. It should be done by experienced people who have the appropriate educational skills. You're not going to let laymen lugging our expensive works." A few years ago, it seemed impossible for inexperienced people to create an exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum. But now there is a chance for you to become a curator for a day! In this two-hour workshop, you and your colleagues can make a real exhibition in a real museum gallery, under supervision. We made a number of high quality copied artworks, especially for the workshop, so we can let the authentic ones hang on the wall.

Groups that created an exhibition were very excited about this workshop. Creating an exhibition requires creative input and improvisation. Participants use their intuition and take their own role in the process: one offers proposals, the other one doubts about his vision and another critiques the choices. The input of all participants is needed to achieve the final result. At the opening, the end of the workshop, you will discover that the group co-workers created an exhibition in which the contribution of every participant is visible.

Costs (2 hours): € 80 per person. In weekends € 96 per person. With a maximum of 15 persons per group. 

What do we offer?

• Teambuilding 
• Learn to look at artworks and space in a new way
• Learn to articulate your personal motivations

More information

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Download flyer 'Kunst inspireert!' (Art inspires) (only available in Dutch).