look first, then see

Workshop - Look first, then see

"Never judge a work of art by its defects."
Washington Allston

Workshop inspired by the method ‘Visual Thinking Strategies’

Almost everybody can look at something, but it is surprising to discover how many different perspectives two people can have. This is primarily because we all have different backgrounds. A farmer has a totally different view of a landscape than a geologist, even though they see the same thing. This also happens when people see an artwork. It is always interesting to discover that there are so many differences between our perceptions. These differences and the awareness of these contrasts combined, form an important fact, because many of our daily actions are based on visual observations.

In America, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York developed, in collaboration with a number of psychologists, a method that trains your critical thinking by looking at artworks: Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS). The Van Abbemuseum based a series of workshops on this method, especially developed for organizations. Everyone can participate, there is no background knowledge acquired. Every participant interprets a work of art in his own way, there are no wrong answers. Under guidance, the participants of this workshop focus on only one thing: to identify what they see in the artwork. Experiences with VTS show that there are five phases in looking and identifying that a viewer goes through. When a participant completed more VTS exercises, his identifying skills will increase and he also learns to compare his opinion to another view of perspective. These essential skills are practiced in the museum in a pleasant and playful way. In the end it will be determined at what level the participants are located. Let artworks amaze you! 

Costs of participating in this workshop (2 hours) are € 35,50 per person. A maximum of 15 persons per group. 

What do we offer?

• Learn how to look in a different way
• Learn how to listen more carefully
• Learn how to formulate in a better way

More information

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Download flyer 'Kunst inspireert!' (Art inspires) (only available in Dutch).