the issues of today

Workshop - The issues of today

"Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television."
Woody Allen

Association, the ability to connect things together, is a creative process. It has an important role in discovering unexplored paths. At the Van Abbemuseum, associative thinking can be practiced by finding connections between ordinary things and art objects. During this workshop ‘The issues of the day’, each member of the participating group searches for a connection between a current news topic of personal interest and a particular aspect of an art object. This quest doesn’t require knowledge of art: associations are personal, so there aren’t any wrong answers. 

After everyone has found an artwork, the group will guide themselves through the museum. Everyone gives a brief explanation about the object that was chosen. If necessary, a supervising coach provides the group with more information. You will soon discover that there are many differences between linking topics to artworks. You will also notice that similar issues are connected to very different art objects. This provides enough information for discussion. This workshop is especially good for groups of people that have to get to know each other. But you can also book ‘The issues of the day’ as a creative getaway.

Costs (2 hours) € 31,50 per person. With a maximum of 10 people per group.  

What do we offer?

• Learn to think imaginatively
• Encourage cooperation
• Personal presentation in groups

More information

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Download flyer 'Kunst inspireert!' (Art inspires) (only available in Dutch).