two can play at this game!

Workshop - Two can play at this game!

"Knowing when to stop, is a form of art."

"Yes, but my three-year-old daughter can do this too!" Many people recognize this statement about contemporary art. And if they don’t, they often agree. But if they are asked to really make something, theyquickly change their minds. To invent something and show it, isn’t easy. There is something more to it,.

Imagining is an important skill in a creative process. Artworks are products of the artist’s imagination and they can help us to set our own imagination in motion. At the Van Abbemuseum you can discover your own creativity on the basis of a theme that is chosen in advance, in consultation with the museum teacher. In the workshop ‘Two can play at this game’, a number of artworks, related to the chosen issue, are discussed at the gallery. Subsequently, a practical assignment will be performed in the museums education room that illuminates the subject in a completely new way. By painting, drawing or modeling, the theme will be portrayed in a new way. 

Costs (2 hours) are € 42,50 per person (includes entrance to the museum). With a maximum of 10 persons per group. 

What do we offer?

• Discover your own creativity
• Learn how to think imaginatively
• Make personal motives visible.

More information

Please contact our education department for advice about our workshops. For more information, contact Golda Maas
T: +31 (0)40 238 1042


Download flyer 'Kunst inspireert!' (Art inspires) (only available in Dutch).