A Dadaist Singing Dialogue - Van Abbemuseum Choir

Foto: Marcel de Buck

A Dadaist Singing Dialogue Van Abbemuseum Choir

19:30 - 20:30
In the Werksalon

The Van Abbemuseum choir conducted by Willy de Rooij
goes into Dada dialogue with  
the Weerter Chamber Choir conducted by Jan Snel. 

There will be music from, among others, Bonset, van Doesburg, Kodaly, Maessen, Poulenc and Schwitters. 'Dada avant and après la lettre'. 

De Werksalon is an open space where groups, but also every other visitor can work, present, meet and show. 

De Werksalon is also the name of the first floor in the new building where the collection is presented. Access with valid entrance ticket. 50% discount with Eindhoven City Pass and free for Museum Card holders.

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