A playlist with - Videos from the Van Abbemuseum collection

The All-Hearing, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, 2014, filmstill
Keep Your Laws off my Body, Zoe Leonard & Catherine Gund, 1990.
Read the Masks. Tradition Is Not Given, Petra Bauer & Annette Kraus, 2008-2009. Foto: Peter Cox.
Songdelay, Joan Jonas, 1973. Videostill: Electronic Arts Intermix.
Cutting, Joan Jonas, 1967-1968. Videostill: Electronic Arts Intermix.

A playlist with Videos from the Van Abbemuseum collection

08/02/2020 - 12/04/2020
Curator: Yolande Zola Zoli van der Heide
selected by the filmmakers themselves

Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Joan Jonas, VALIE EXPORT, Petra Bauer & Annette Krauss, Zoe Leonard & Catherine Saalfield, Hito Steyerl and more!

A Playlist With is composed of films from the Van Abbemuseum collection, selected by the filmmakers themselves. Artists Lawrence Abu Hamdan and duo Petra Bauer & Annette Krauss were each approached to select films that have impacted their work. Thus begun a chain like reaction whereby the selected filmmakers are also invited to choose a film for screening in this roomin the collection building. This open and simple selection method addresses questions such as: Who is in the museum’s collection? How does one come to know and engage with a collection? What are the subjectivities of such a collection and what kinds of invisible relations bring subjectivities together? A Playlist With invites viewers to engage with these questions as the chain grows over a period of eight weeks.

The full video collection is available at the Van Abbemuseum library.