A readable city - lecture Who owns the street?

Marcel de Buck
thursday evening open

A readable city lecture Who owns the street?

19:00 - 20:30

This lecture is part of the lecture series connected to the exhibition 'Who owns the street?', with guest lecturer: Fenne Roefs (Mijksenaar).

Mijksenaars helps people to find their way around, every day. The Amsterdam based company is the wayfinding consultant responsible for Schiphol Airport since 1990. Schiphol is the worldwide leading model on airport signage and Mijkselaar earned several prices with it. But the agency is more than that. Keeping the people a priority, it is active in a variety of areas. From integrated solutions for transport hubs, museums and hospitals to public spaces.

For Mijkselaar the inner urban public domain is a current and challenging research and design topic. How do locals, regulars and visitors find simply and conveniently their way in the city? What are the best solutions to optimise the city's readability?

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