Academy - Learning from the museum


Academy Learning from the museum

15/09/2006 - 26/11/2006
Curators: Bart De Baere, Charles Esche, Kerstin Niemann, Angelika Nollert, Dieter Roelstraete , Irit Rogoff

Academy is an international series of exhibitions, projects and events initiated by Siemens Arts Program and realised in cooperation with the Kunstverein in Hamburg, the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths College in London, the Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen, and the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. A continuous project that wishes to prompt reflection on the potential of the academy within society.

The start of this project was in 2005 at the Kunst-verein in Hamburg reflecting the situation of students and teachers at art schools in the exhibition entitled Academy. Teaching and Learning Art. In September 2006 the Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen and the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven take up the subject of this project in a different approach addressing the institution of the museum itself and its educational remit.

Learning from the Museum

While traditionally the museum sets up an idealized notion of what or how one should learn from its presentations, ‘Academy. Learning from the Museum’ wishes to examine the question “What may be possible to learn from the museum beyond what the museum sets up to offer?” Academy is regarded as an ongoing process. It will produce an alternative set of principles for teaching and learning, and view the museum as a cumulative archive of experiences, histories and dynamics that expand beyond the notion of a collection of objects. Groups of activists, theorists, artists, students, archivists, librarians, and philosophers have been invited to contribute and help answer this question. They will work with the collection, the different departments including the staff, and other resources outside of the museum. By doing so they will try to extend the borders of the traditional museum display. Therefore Academy is a pilot project for further investigations
of new possibilities for education and knowledge exchange that the Van Abbemuseum will develop in future, like the award winning programme Be[com]ing Dutch in the Age of Global Democracy.

The Projects

Charles Esche, Kerstin Niemann and Mårten Spångberg in collaboration with Marissa van Mourik and Rachida Post|

Sounding Difference – The Gate Collection
Irit Rogoff and Deepa Naik

The Ambulator; or: what happens when we take questions for a walk?
Susan Kelly, Valeria Graziano, and Janna Graham

I Like That
Jean-Paul Martinon and Rob Stone

Learning from the Collection
Christiane Berndes

Inverted Research Tool
Liam Gillick and Edgar Schmitz

Imaginary Property
Jan Gerber, Susanne Lang, Sebastian Lütgert and Florian Schneider in collaboration with Willem Jan Renders

The Conspired World –Think Tank Strategies
John Palmesino, Anselm Franke and Eyal Weizmann
Research Architecture Centre, Goldsmiths College, Londen
Edgar Schmitz en Liam Gillick


Bart De Baere and Dieter Roelstraete (Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen)
Charles Esche and Kerstin Niemann (Van Abbemuseum)
Irit Rogoff (Goldsmiths College)
Angelika Nollert (Siemens Arts Program)

Contributors in Eindhoven

Irit Rogoff & Deepa Naik; Anselm  Franke, John Palmesion & Eyal Weizman, Jan Gerber, Susanna Lang, Sebastian Leutgert & Florian Schneider; Liam Gillick & Edgar Schmitz; Janna Graham, Valeria Graziano & Susan Kelly; Jean-Paul Martinon & Rob Stone; , Mårten Spångberg & Bojana Cvejic, Christiane Berndes, Diana Franssen & Willem Jan Renders, en anderen.

‘Academy. Learning from the Museum’ is an initiative of the Siemens Arts Program and part of Be[com]ing Dutch in the Age of Global Democracy’. This project has been awarded the Development Award fro Cultural Diversity 2006 by the Mondriaan Foundation.

Academy consists of :