Ad Snijders - Free painting

Foto: Peter Cox
Foto: Peter Cox
Foto: Peter Cox

Ad Snijders Free painting

08/09/2019 - 13/03/2020
Curator: Steven ten Thije

Overview of a colourful painter

A retrospective exhibition on the work of the Eindhoven artist Ad Snijders (1929 – 2010). Snijders was self-taught and started to paint during the years after the Second World War. His oeuvre can be read as a lifelong celebration of freedom. A freedom that was not to be taken for granted, but one that had to be conquered by brush, chalk or pencil every day.


His long career of painting shows the influences of successive movements in art history. Snijders always felt free to process these in his own way in order to create new images. Shifting between different styles, Snijders’ oeuvre tells the story of a passionate painter. It also provides us with an insight into the life of an artist during the second half of the twentieth century.


In addition to a selection from our own collection, works of art from a large private collection can be seen. Snijders artwork has been on display in the Van Abbemuseum on several occasions during his life. In this retrospective exhibition, the museum posthumously reflects on the life of this colourful, Eindhoven artist for the first time.


Ad Snijders, Untitled, 1956, oil on hardboard, 55 x 55 cm.
Ad Snijders, Wijzende Man (A Pointing Man), 1976, acrylic on wood, 120 x 123 cm.