Afrofuturism - event around the Xenogenesis exhibition


Afrofuturism event around the Xenogenesis exhibition

15:00 - 17:00

Together with guest programmer Richard Kofi, we are organising two events around the Xenogenesis exhibition. From 3pm onwards, various guests will be joining him in the museum for conversations, lectures and performances. Richard Kofi gives voice, colour, face and sound to Xenogenesis topics such as independence, decolonisation, futurism and the holistic approach to medicine.

Tickets: €10,- including museum entrance and drink.

Afrofuturism is a blend of imagination and technology used in the fight for freedom and equality of black communities across the globe. It is a positive method for rethinking problematic socioeconomic and neo-colonial structures and coming up with an alternative future. In which art forms can we see Afrofuturism being expressed? And how does Afrofuturism manifest itself in science or philosophy on utopian and occasionally dystopian worldviews?



Museum, 3pm - 5pm:
Interviews with and performances by:
Ola Hassanain - Architect and artist
Stephanie Archangel - Junior Curator History at the Rijksmuseum
Veronique Efomi - Writer, poet and vlogger
Planet Airich - Artist


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