Agartha: Eurazië - Concert i.c.w. Axesjazzpower

120108 Agartha 300

Agartha: Eurazië Concert i.c.w. Axesjazzpower


In the Eurasia programme the atmosphere lies between the earthly, the organic and total serenity, and Agartha once again goes in search of the intense experience where these cultures meet and merge together. 

The compositions are balanced between silence and absolute simplicity with a deafening intensity. The concert starts with a composition by the celebrated Russian composer, Sofia Gubaidulina,  De Profundis for solo bajan. The bajan, the Russian version of our accordion, is the perfect instrument to move the soul, and originates in popular Russian culture on the dividing line between Eastern and Western culture.


With the swans of Yuji Takahashi, Agartha arrives at the Dhammapada, a sort of spiritual testament of the Bhudda.  The work IN by the South Korean Ji Sun Yang was written for Agartha for this programme in 2010. The title is a combination of two Chinese characters and means something like “Patience”.  She goes in search of the balance between Western culture and her traditional Eastern background. The programme ends with the duo Two Hands by Ken Ueno, which evokes a particularly energetic atmosphere, despite its slow character, simplicity and the use of non-musical instruments.

With: An Raskin [bajan], Bram Bossier [viola] en Frank van Eycken [percussion]


Entrance is free with a valid entry ticket to the museum or € 3.50 for just the concert. Free of charge for under-16s, provided there is enough room.