Agents of Change in transition


Agents of Change in transition

14:00 - 17:00
meeting about social and cultural projects

The project Agents of Change started in Eindhoven in 2015. Connecting diverse social projects in the city as well as bringing attention to challenges people are facing when starting and sustaining social initiatives in the city. As the initiators prepare to conclude Agents of Change in Eindhoven, they are eager to share what they have learned about the city and its inhabitants. And use this event to discuss yet another urgent challenge people are facing in the city here and now: a new wave of gentrification in Eindhoven.


On 29 November we invite you to the Van Abbemuseum Werksalon to meet and connect with Agents of Change in Eindhoven and discuss the future of social and cultural project development here. 3 local organisations: TAC, Tante Netty and Uit de Buurtfabriek will also present their efforts and future plans to cultivate cultural growth within the current socio-economic environment of Eindhoven.

The event will be in Dutch and English.


  • Welcome (Van Abbemuseum)

  • Briefing: New wave of gentrification in Eindhoven and the future of socio-cultural project
    development (Minsung Wang)

  • Reporting Agents of Change 2015 - 2018 (Gemma Medina)

  • TAC: Using entrepreneurship to incubate art in Eindhoven (Astrid Cats)

  • Tante Netty: Launching a networked social design residency programme (Saskia van de Wiel)

  • Uit de Buurtfabriek: Starting a social economy incubator in Eindhoven (Minsung Wang)

  • Making connections (moderated by Agents of Change)