Ahmet Ögüt - Black Diamond - Het Oog (The Eye)


Ahmet Ögüt - Black Diamond Het Oog (The Eye)

04/07/2010 - 31/12/2010
Curator: Remco de Blaaij

The next artist in Het Oog (The Eye) is the artist Ahmet Ögüt (1981, Diyarbakir, Turkey).

From 4 July 2010 visitors can discover happiness in the Van Abbemuseum. Ahmet Ögüt (1981, Diyarbakir, Turkey) has then filled the entire space of Het Oog (The Eye) with twelve tonnes of coal and has buried a little piece of the museum in the mountains he created. This "museum piece" has been removed from a wall inside the museum and is there replaced by a valuable diamond. If the “museum piece” is found by one of the quest visitors, this will lead to happiness, when the museum piece is placed back into the museum and the finder becomes the owner of the diamond.

Ahmet Ögüt is the third artist in the series of Het Oog and his work period lasts until December 2010. This time, the working period does not involve the continued presence of the artist and his activities, but rather the presence of the public.

Ögüt gives visitors the chance to be part of the construction and understanding of his work by opening Het Oog for a special quest to discover happiness.

For all the visitors there will be an alternative treasure map that is displayed in a vitrine inside the museum. Via cryptic directions and binoculars visitors are invited to wander around the museum and have a chance to see the diamond.

Search along!

On Sunday, July 4, 2010, from 2 pm the quest will begin in Het Oog with the opening of Ahmet Ögüt's work. The first entries are then possible and interested parties will begin their search.

To participate in the quest visitors need to register at the information desk by phone (+31 (0)40-2381098) or at the counter itself. Four people per day are allowed up to 1.5 hours each as they try to find the piece of the museum and the diamond in and around Het Oog.

Het Oog

Het Oog (The Eye) is an area in the Van Abbemuseum that offers a stage to artists to create new work during a working period of six months. Het Oog is a special location in the ‘open-air’ of the museum where artists conduct a specific work on the spot.