Art needs Time - Collection works

Alexander Ugay, In the Park of Kyzylorda City, 2002-2005
Dan Graham, Homes for America, 1966-1967
Rodney Graham, Flanders Trees, 1989
Jean-Marc Bustamante, Tableau, 1991

Art needs Time Collection works

02/07/2013 - 13/10/2013
Curator: Diana Franssen

‘Art needs time, also in the making; each part is chosen in such a way that it seems simple, but it takes a great deal of time to make something that is so simple that it displays no specific characteristics or qualities’. J-M. Bustamante

A number of photo works from the museum's collection are on display in the small rooms on the third floor of the new building. The photo works give pictorial form to universal, recognisable contemporary conditions. They are depictions of reality, which show the uniqueness and the common of a location and elaborate on the visual traces of society and nature. At first sight these images are so recognizable to us that they seem to go un-noticed. These photographs are characterised by a neutral, objective reproduction of the subject. But a concentrated continued looking suggests otherwise. The anonymity of the ‘view’ can be filled by the ‘insight’ of the person looking at it.

With works by

Alexander Ugay
Dan Graham
Rodney Graham
Jean-Marc Bustamante