Artist on Artist. Caron Geary aka FERAL is KINKY Frontal View No. 1 of White British Female, UK born-‘Feral’, London – Self Portrait, 2007 / Hito Steyerl, HOW NOT TO BE SEEN A Fucking Didactic Educational Movfile, 2013.
guided tour

Artist on artist

Bogomir Doringer on Hito Steyerl
11:30 - 12:30

Special guided tour

Bogomir Doringer (1983), artist and curator of the exhibition FACELESS (2013/14, mediamatik Amsterdam), is interested in the artistic reactions to a culture of surveillance, digital identities and forms of resistance.

He will put Hito’s works in the context of artists that were part of his FACELESS exhibition like Marina Abramovi?, Jeremy Bailey, or Slava Mogutin. His form of presentation will be experimental. With a mobile projector he will juxtapose and combine images that add up to a layered experience of our exhibition and that will hopefully trigger a lot of questions in the audience.

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