Artist Talk - Michèle Matyn, Tony Chakar and Rasheed Araeen

Michèle Matyn, foto Artur Eranosian
Rasheed Araeen, foto Socrates Mitsios

Artist Talk Michèle Matyn, Tony Chakar and Rasheed Araeen

13:30 - 17:00

On the afternoon of Saturday 17 February you will have a chance to see and hear three international contemporary artists in an artist talk; Michèle Matyn, Tony Chakar and Rasheed Araeen. During the Artist Talk you will be face to face with the three artists. In conversation with the curator they will give an insight into the backgrounds of their work, their way of working and future plans. And of course you will get a chance to ask questions yourself. The artist talks with Michèle Matyn and Tony Chakar mark the official opening of their exhibitions. 

13.30: Michèle Matyn & curator Nick Aikens

Since 15 January Antwerpbased artist Michèle Matyn works on After Laughter, a new production in and around Het Oog. For After Laughter Matyn has drawn inspiration from the river Dommel which runs past the museum building. Combining it with her interest in laughter as something capable of cleansing and connecting people, water is taken as both material and metaphor. The exhibition is comprised of a series of inter-connected photographic and sculptural elements.

14.30: Tony Chakar & Charles Esche, director and curator

As in a Beginning includes two major works of the celebrated Lebanese artist, writer and architect Tony Chakar: Of Other Worlds that Are in This One (2014-17) and The Discourse of the Last Things Before the First (2017), for the first time on view in Europe. In the first work Chakar shows the possible hidden worlds that his computer software unveiled, in the second work he tries to make visible the collapse of modern society.

16.00: Rasheed Araeen & curator Nick Aikens

Rasheed Araeen: A Retrospective is the first comprehensive survey of the artist Rasheed Araeen (London, born in Karachi, Pakistan, 1935). The exhibition, spanning 60 years of work, presents a body of work that has had a profound influence on generations of artists, writers and thinkers. In his artistic practice he continues to challenge the Eurocentric approach to art and its modernist history.


Entrance to the Artist Talks is free. The three Artist Talks will take place in the education room of the museum.For this event the museum will stay open half an hour longer, until 17.30.

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