Artist talk Melvin Moti #TheWorkofArt - Presentation + Q&A

Cosmism, foto Peter Cox
Cosmism, foto Peter Cox

Artist talk Melvin Moti #TheWorkofArt Presentation + Q&A

19:00 - 20:45
Part of the smARTplaces series #TheWorkofArt

You can attend this artist talk for free. The museum is only open for this event, so if you arrive at the museum after 17.00 please go to the entrance of the museum restaurant, Stratumsedijk 2. You can watch the Melvin Moti film in the galleries until 19.00.

Melvin Moti tells about his work Cosmism, consisting of a film and a publication. The Van Abbemuseum acquired the work in 2016 and is now on display in the collection building until the end of 2019.

Cosmism places the events of September 11, 2001 within the context of Cosmism. Cosmism was a movement led by Russian thinkers at the end of the nineteenth century who combined occult and esoteric theories with science. One of them, Alexander Chizhevsky, studied the relationship between increased solar activity and major historical events on earth, such as wars, revolutions, and epidemics.

Moti developed more curiosity for big impact events and their relation with cosmic activity because of his research. He looks into the current and recent (political) developments as well.


  • 19:00 hrs - presentation Melvin Moti about Cosmism and research
  • 19:45 hrs - Melvin Moti in conversation with curator Steven ten Thije
  • 20:15 hrs - Q&A 

#TheWorkofArt Facebook Live 

The converation between Steven ten Thije and Melvin Moti, as well as the Q&A will be livestreamed on Facebook as part of the smARTplaces series #TheWorkofArt
From February 2018 until May 2020, all smARTplaces partners will host one of these sessions, consisting of a Q&A simulcast on Facebook Live, where the public will be able to virtually attend and participate in connecting, interacting and discovering art professions and all what happens behind the scenes of art.

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About Melvin Moti:

Melvin Moti is an artist who focusses mainly on film, but also on books and sound. His movies often resemble documentaries but cannot be labeled as documentaries. Moti does not create work very often, but he spends a lot of attention on the presentation and way of documenting his work. Moti is fascinated by time, history, memories, mental experiments and phenomena that take place outside human perception.

In 2007 the movie E.S.P by Melvin Moti was exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. In this movie, the artist combines exceptionally slow and hypnotizing images of a bursting soap bubble and J.W. Dunne, a British, paranormal soldier his dream journal.

Melvin Moti is educated at the art academy in Tilburg and received his postdoctoral degree in Amsterdam at De Ateliers. His work is often exhibited in The Netherlands and abroad. Moti had solo presentations in Istanbul (2006), Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (2005) and in Napels (2005). In 2006 Moti received the Charlotte Köhler Prijs and in 2007 the Van Lanschot price. Melvin Moti lives and works in Rotterdam.




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