Autonomy and its Contradictions - Lecture by Andrea Fraser and launch Open. Cahier, no. 23 on Autonomy


Autonomy and its Contradictions Lecture by Andrea Fraser and launch Open. Cahier, no. 23 on Autonomy

15:30 - 18:00

SKOR Foundation for Art in Public Space and the Van Abbemuseum present a lecture and discussion by and with artist Andrea Fraser on Saturday June 16th, 2012 in the Van Abbemuseum, to celebrate the launch of Open. Cahier on Art and the Public Domain, no. 23 on Autonomy. This issue is inspired by The Autonomy Project symposium in the Van Abbemuseum held in October 2011. Reflecting a rich variety of voices and perspectives, this edition of Open addresses the necessity and possibility for autonomy in a time of political, economic and aesthetic turbulence. The lecture will be followed by a discussion between Andrea Fraser and Charles Esche.
The event and discussion will be in English. 
Reservation in advance is required.


3.30 pm   Welcome Charles Esche (director Van Abbemuseum,Eindhoven)
3.40 pm   Presentation Open # 23 by Jorinde Seijdel (editor in chief Open)
4.00 pm   Lecture by Andrea Fraser (artist)
4.30 pm   Discussion Andrea Fraser and Charles Esche
5.00 pm   Drinks
6.00 pm   End

Andrea Fraser

Andrea Fraser is a performance artist and a Professor of Art at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her performance Men on the Line: Men Committed to Feminism, KPFA, 1972 was part of the Whitney Biennial 2012. Fraser also contributed an essay to the Biennial’s accompanying publication.
For Open #23 she wrote an essay entitled Autonomy and Its Contradictions. In her lecture she states that only when certain conditions are accepted can the contradictions of the current concept of autonomy be avoided, something that will require the use of a psychoanalytical perspective.  


Open #23: Autonomy. New Forms of Freedom and Independence in Art and Culture

In this time of ideological, economic and political crises autonomy is becoming attractive again. But how does autonomy -  the wish to take matters into one’s own hands and have significance independent of old structures -  relate to the call for engagement and performativity? This issue, made in collaboration with Sven Lütticken, examines autonomy from the standpoints of art, art history, philosophy, political theory and cultural criticism, and attempts to resolve the bind between thinking in terms of engagement on the one hand and autonomy on the other.

With contributions by Steven ten Thije, John Byrne, John Hartle, Willem van Weelden (interview Franco Berardi) , Hito Steyerl,  Christoph Brunner, Gerald Raunig and Roberto Nigro, Joost de Bloois, Sven Lütticken, Andrea Fraser, Peter Osborne and a conversation between Thomas Hirschhorn and Jacques Rancière.


Combination-ticket with debate in De Pont ‘In its autonomy art becomes most social’

Earlier on June 16th, a debate takes place in the Auditorium of De Pont in Tilburg, inspired by the Adorno’s  statement that only in its autonomy art reveals itself as social.

The debate departs from a plEa of art historian Camiel van Winkel, published in the protest issue of Metropolis M in August/September 2011, to reposition autonomy at the centre of our discourse on art. In the debate Camiel van Winkel will rearticulate and comment on his statement, followed by responses from Lissette Smits, Steven ten Thije and Merijn Oudenampsen. Following these reactions there will be a debate lead by Leen Bedaux. The debate takes place within the context of the exhibition Comrades of Time, curated by Bas van den Hurk. For more information on the debate and the exhibition see:
12.30 pm until 2.30 pm
Location              auditorium, De Pont, Tilburg.
Language            Dutch

Those interested in visiting both the debate and the presentation of Andrea Fraser can reserve a seat in the ‘lunch-bus’ between Tilburg and Eindhoven. The bus leaves at 14:30 from Tilburg and in the bus a simple lunch will be provided. Costs are € 5,-.